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GoVeyance is a digital conveyancing solution that unites efficiency and customer service. No contracts and consistent fair pricing.

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Built for conveyancers by conveyancers. We are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled conveyancing experience.

Our team is composed of subject matter experts who are committed to a “less clicks matter” philosophy.

Let’s reimagine conveyancing together.

What our clients are saying about us.

“We are extremely pleased with our experience using GoVeyance. The transition to GoVeyance was seamless and the technical support we received has been excellent. The sales and support teams guided us through the process of onboarding GoVeyance and made sure we were 100% satisfied with the software. We also appreciate the follow-up calls from GoVeyance that are most welcome.”

John Carlisle, Lawyer at John Carlisle Law Corporation

“I chose GoVeyance for its value as a replacement for an older, high-cost conveyancing system. The exceptional support and the ability to customize my documents made the system transition easy for my clients and my notary practice. I am happy with my decision, and highly recommend GoVeyance for anyone with a conveyancing practice.”

Andrea Banks, Notary Public

New Features

Product update – July, 18th

Over the past 15 months, we have released over 45 product updates. No other conveyancing company comes close to matching our innovation speed. We are working to ensure you have a conveyancing experience that helps you be more efficient. As of this morning, we released...


New Features + Ins and Outs of a Purchase

Tue, Aug 20, 2024
12:00 PM – 12:45 PM PT  

Blog Posts

My Journey with GoVeyance: From Potential Retirement to Tech Sales

It will be about two years since I made a life-altering decision; I joined GoVeyance, a technology company, on a contract to help build their sales team and pipeline. There were only 14 employees, and the product was still in beta mode. I was contemplating retirement,...

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  • Start with our hassle and cost-free onboarding.
  • Unlimited support and training.
  • Zero fees for document customization, including private lending and document templates.


  • Direct access to the most recent lender documents, mortgage terms and mortgage products for major banks and credit unions. Click here for the full list of available Lenders.
  • Easily customize your undertaking clauses and import them into your letters.
  • Tasks and checklists designed to help you cross off your to-dos in your matters.
  • Completion calendar to keep track of your closings every month.
  • Default Document Groups provided for accuracy.


  • Integration with Soluno* for your trust accounting needs.
  • Integration with Title Insurance companies.
  • In-line edit text and drag and drop items on your Statement of Adjustments or Debit/Credit screens to generate correctly on your documents.
  • Handle a Change to Title within a Refinance matter.
  • Leverage The Portal for secure client communication (web client intake forms, secure document exchange, and real-time messaging).

Integration partnerships with:

Stewart Title
Chicago Title

We have a dedicated, subject matter expert support team ready to assist.

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GoVeyance is currently available in British Columbia but we are expanding.