The Experience Matters.

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When we started GoVeyance, we took a bold gamble. Not only were there two industry-leading conveyancing incumbents, but we were also a start-up making a pivot—a strategic decision from a business perspective, but a risk nonetheless. It’s been a year since we officially launched; we are humbled and proud of the growth and community we have been able to build.


When we began designing a conveyancing platform, we made a very conscious decision to hone in on the experience. We are committed to ensuring every touchpoint exceeds expectations — from product to sales, to support, to marketing. That’s why we adopted the ethos ‘Because the experience matters.’

This is what makes GoVeyance GO.

Built by conveyancers, for conveyancers, we understand the pain points and challenges that lawyers, notaries, and conveyancers face, and we’ve made it our mission to address them head-on.

This is all so you can focus on what truly matters – providing your clients with a seamless, stress-free experience. No contracts and consistent fair pricing.

Meet the team



GoVeyance’s Sales team is composed of dedicated professionals with years 
of conveyancing experience. They have an in-depth understanding of the industry and are ready to assist you to ensure your office is efficient.

Reach the team at

Wendy Hoskins – Director of Sales
Shannon Kunka – Business Development Manager

Customer Service

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While other conveyancing platforms have scaled back on customer support, we have invested in building a dedicated customer success team who are subject matter experts. Their only focus is to improve your experience through quick and effective responses.

Reach the team at

Jackie Lombardo – Manager, Client Services
Jackie SteinWandt – Client Services


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Our leadership team are subject matter experts who have either worked in the industry or built and grown technology companies. Their experience is a big part of what drives GoVeyance forward.

Jessie Vaid – CEO & Founder
Gavin Heer – CTO & Co-Founder
Sachin Bhalla – CMO & Co-Founder
Jaimie Cooke-Dallin – VP, Product