Life’s unpredictable
Be ReadyWhen


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Life’s unpredictable
Be ReadyWhen

Protect your clients and their legacy.

Meet our simple, secure, and fast, estate management solutions; ThePortal and ReadyWhen.

The Portal

A central digital location for end-to-end file organization, client communications, and encryption.

  • End-to-end security encryption
  • Share intake forms; wills, purchase, sale, refinance, and family transfer
  • Send documentation back and forth between you and your client in real-time
  • Add staff to your personal business Portal
  • Add yourself or staff to your client’s team

A digital legacy management solution that guides your clients to proactively build, manage, and share their estate plans.

  • Track what your clients have added and what critical documentation/information is missing to drive value-sell revenue
  • If activated through ThePortal, your clients get access to ReadyWhen Pro*
  • Your clients can build their Team, adding executors, loved ones, and other professionals
  • Guided journeys to help clients add the right information to their estate plan and become proactive planners
  • Clients can create forever memories (videos and notes) that will be sent out only when the inevitable happens
  • All information is protected by our military-grade security

*One year access to ReadyWhen Pro

Start using ThePortal
and ReadyWhen today!

If you have any questions or want to learn more, book a time with us.