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New to GO

As of March 18th, we have added new features to make your conveyancing experience better:

  • Multiple Properties
  • GoBot AI – OCR for Tax Certificates and CIRs. The CIR innovation is an industry-first
  • Private Lender Enhancements
  • Commission Letters Update

Read the release notes – Click Here.

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Conveyancing just got smarter. Introducing GoBot AI and its first two features: OCR for Tax Certificates and CIRs. The CIR innovation is a first for the industry and truly a game-changer in efficiency.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3… go.

  1. Upload the tax certificate or the CIR, review, and submit.
  2. Take a quick breath as GoBot AI completes the OCR scan in seconds.
  3. 🤯 Watch as your information is populated directly into GoVeyance.

Read the release notes – Click Here.

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icon experience
  • Start with our hassle and 
cost-free onboarding.
  • Unlimited support and training.
  • Zero fees for document customization, including private lending and document templates.


  • Direct access to the most recent lender documents, mortgage terms and mortgage products for major banks and credit unions. Click here for the full list of available Lenders.
  • Easily customize your undertaking clauses and import them into 
your letters.
  • Tasks and checklists designed to help you cross off your to-dos in your matters.
  • Completion calendar to keep track of your closings every month.
  • Default Document Groups provided for accuracy.


  • Integration with Soluno* for your trust accounting needs.
  • Integration with Title Insurance companies.
  • In-line edit text and drag and drop items on your Statement of Adjustments or Debit/Credit screens to generate correctly on your documents.
  • Handle a Change to Title within a Refinance matter.
  • Leverage The Portal for secure client communication (web client intake forms, secure document exchange, and real-time messaging).

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