Why I joined Goveyance

When we started GoVeyance, we took a bold gamble. Not only did British Columbia have two industry-leading conveyancing incumbents, but we were also a start-up making a pivot—a strategic decision from a business perspective, but a risk nonetheless. It’s almost been a year since we officially launched; we are humbled and proud of the growth and community we have been able to build.


When we embarked on designing a conveyancing platform, we made a very conscious decision to hone in on the experience. We are committed to ensuring every touchpoint exceeds expectations — from product to sales, to support, to marketing. That’s why we decided to adopt the ethos ‘Because the experience matters.’


This is what makes GoVeyance GO.


To provide the experience we want, we listen to every firm, every conveyancer, and every notary and lawyer to ensure we are building practical innovation with applicable use. Our customer service department has been incredibly fast and responsive. That’s because we hired ex-conveyancers who can address questions and concerns immediately. We’ve established a brand that has set us apart from the competition and helped us make our mark within the conveyancing community. We believe that our platform is on the right path. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what our customers have to say:


“GoVeyance has been a breath of fresh air, providing us with a very positive conveyancing experience. They have built an innovative and efficient platform that seamlessly fits into our workflow. Their sales and customer service teams made the switch easy. It aligns with our needs and they immediately address any feedback we provide. The support is second to none, and the learning curve and transition from our previous conveyancing software was a breeze! I find the formatting and interface to be clear, clean and uncluttered, which greatly enhances the ease of use. I can confidently see our firm using it for years to come, a testament to their team, continuous innovation, and forward-thinking vision.” ~ Marie-Louise Fast, Barrister & Solicitor, FAST & COMPANY LAW FIRM


The testimonial above is one of many. Word is spreading, and we are thankful for that as we head into 2024. We are excited to continue this ever-evolving journey, and in the following months, we will share a long list of amazing news and releases, including GoBot AI. Learn more by reading our other blog posts.