Product release - June 17th

Ready for your mind to be blown 🤯?

We are excited to announce several new features that are conveyancing industry firsts! These new features will enhance your GoVeyance experience, making each matter flow more efficiently and accurately.

Let’s dive into all the exciting features that are a part of this massive update!


MHR (Manufactured Home Registry) is Now Available for Each File Type

  • Practical Innovation: Now, you can create your MHR property within a sale, purchase, or refinance matter. Enter all essential details for your property, such as MH Registration Number, Make, Model, etc. Flexibility is at your fingertips as you can add your MHR property alongside Land properties or manage it independently.
  • Effortless Management: Store and manage your library of MHR management companies seamlessly within your contacts.
  • PAD Rental Adjustments: PAD Rental details are now available for adjustment purposes, ensuring precise and accurate transactions.

Customize Your Lawyer or Notary Signature Blocks

  • Enhanced Formatting: We introduced the ability to add formatting to your lawyer or notary signature blocks. Whether you want to apply bolding to text or upload an image of your digital signature, it’s now possible. Update your user profile and generate a letter to see your newly formatted signature block in action.

Cheque Requests

  • Streamlined Process: You’ve asked, and we’ve listened! Prepare a Cheque Request effortlessly from within your Trust screen in each matter. All items displayed as Funds Out will be selectable. Simply click on the items you wish to add to your Cheque Request, then navigate to the Documents tab to generate the Cheque Request document.

GoBot Chat, an AI Chatbot that Offers Real-Time Support and Assistance

  • Instant Support: This feature provides instant responses to inquiries, enabling faster decision-making and increased efficiency. It will also connect you to a live support agent during business hours.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: Powered by advanced AI, it offers precise information and solutions, improving accuracy.
  • 24/7 Availability: With around-the-clock availability, GoBot Chat ensures support is always just a click away.

This release will be available for all GoVeyance firms starting June 28, 2024.

    We are constantly innovating and listening because the “experience matters.” We encourage you to explore these new features. As always, please share your thoughts with us. If you have any questions, you can reach us at

    From everyone at GoVeyance