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GoBot Chat marks the third AI feature launched in 2024 by GoVeyance, which is shifting to an AI-first product development approach.

Delta, BC June 10, 2024 GoVeyance, a rising innovator in the conveyancing industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of GoBot Chat at Collision 2024. This AI-powered chatbot will transform the user experience for (legal) firms by providing unparalleled customer support and helping to save time in a vertical where every minute counts.

In a landscape dominated by legacy players, who control most of the Canadian conveyancing market and have increased prices without adding equivalent value, GoVeyance is emerging as a formidable challenger. Since launching its complete product suite in April 2023, the company has achieved profitability, surpassed $1M in annual recurring revenue (ARR), and expanded to a team of over 20 employees—all within just one year.

GoVeyance’s ethos, “Because the experience matters,” has impacted every facet of its service, including its product roadmap, which is now heavily focused on developing innovation for practical use. The company launched two AI features in Q1 of this year, OCR for Tax Certificates and CIRs, significantly improving overall efficiency.

Building on this momentum, GoVeyance is excited to unveil GoBot Chat, an AI-powered chatbot that offers real-time assistance. This industry-first feature leverages cutting-edge AI technology to provide precise, immediate responses to various inquiries, ranging from simple procedural questions to complex conveyance-specific issues.

Key Features and Benefits of GoBot Chat:

    • Instant Support: This feature provides instant responses to inquiries, enabling faster decision-making and increased efficiency. It will also connect users to a live support agent during business hours.
    • Accuracy and Reliability: Powered by advanced AI, it offers precise information and solutions, improving accuracy.
    • 24/7 Availability: With around-the-clock availability, GoBot Chat ensures support is always just a click away.

“This is a David vs. Goliath story, and we are humbled by our success, but by no means was this an accident,” said Jessie Vaid, CEO of ReadyWhen Tech Inc. “GoVeyance was built for conveyancers by conveyancers, and we are committed to enhancing the legal firm experience through human and AI-driven innovation. GoBot Chat empowers us to elevate our support capabilities and accessibility without increasing costs for our clients.”

The real estate conveyancing industry is at a tipping point, with outdated technologies and monopolistic practices creating inefficiencies and frustrations for legal firms and their clients. GoVeyance addresses these issues head-on, providing a much-needed solution that promises to enhance productivity and accuracy. As the tech industry gathers at Collision 2024, GoVeyance’s innovative approach and rapid success story are set to capture significant attention and drive meaningful change.

GoBot Chat will be available to all GoVeyance firms starting June 28, 2024.

Currently, GoVeyance is available only in British Columbia.

To learn more please do not hesitate to contact us at GoSales@readywhen.ca.