Why I joined Goveyance

Last year, I found myself reflecting on my career and beginning to think about my next chapter and what I truly wanted.

This is a common question, but for me, it was driven by a rising level of frustration. I was in a corporate environment where decisions and actions were not aligned with my core values. Respect for our customers had vanished, and in a world where technology was evolving so fast, we remained stagnant.

Introspectively, I realized that I wanted to be challenged, motivated to do better, and in service of the people who were using the product I was helping to build. That couldn’t happen where I was.

But then, GoVeyance appeared on my horizon.

I jumped without hesitation. I want to contribute to something genuinely impactful again, to be part of a team prioritizing innovation and its customers.

Finding a new purpose has been rewarding, but another word is more appropriate: gratitude. At GoVeyance, gratitude isn’t just a word; it’s a daily practice because I am thankful for so much:


    • The Team: A group of incredible individuals united by a common goal — to ensure every customer feels valued and heard. Feedback isn’t just collected; it’s a cornerstone for growth, meticulously considered and acted upon.
    • The Ethos: They are driven by one north star, “Because the experience matters.” The company is built on robust expertise, knowledge, and a visionary outlook so that every facet can over-deliver. Being part of a company that anticipates the future and actively shapes it is genuinely exhilarating.
    • The Impact: My experiences, particularly those hard-earned lessons from past roles, are now channels for change. Sharing what doesn’t work is as crucial as celebrating what does, fostering an environment where every customer interaction is an opportunity for improvement.

GoVeyance stands out because it operates on a principle of inclusivity: “built for you by you.” It’s not just a statement; it’s the foundation that permeates everything we do. I am immensely proud to declare, “I work at GoVeyance.” Together, we’re not just moving forward but setting a new course.

Let’s go!