Blog Post - Product Updates Jun 7th 2023

Hello GoVeyancers,

We have been in the lab – innovating and working to improve GoVeyance. Today we are so excited to share our biggest and most innovative product release. It includes Multiple Properties, and the introduction of our first GoBot AI features – OCR for Tax Certificates and CIRs. The CIR innovation is an industry-first and truly an efficiency game changer.

Let’s dive into all the exciting features that are a part of this massive release!


Multiple Properties

  • The community has been asking for this, and we listened. We now support handling multiple civic addresses in a single transaction across all matter types. Whether your contract involves multiple addresses or preparing an inter alia mortgage, GoVeyance has you covered.

GoBot AI – OCR Integrations

  • GoBotAI is here! Upload Tax Certificates and CIRs directly to your matters and import relevant property tax and transaction details effortlessly. This industry-first saves you time on every file.

Private Lender Enhancements

  • Manage your private lender work more efficiently with the ability to add custom Mortgage Products to your library. Easily create Form Bs and streamline the process for refinance or purchase matters. This will save you minutes per file, as you can now create a library for Private Lender Mortgages.

Commission Letters Update

  • Commission letters are now generated with tailored wording specific to each matter, eliminating the need to edit unnecessary paragraphs.

    We are constantly innovating and listening “Because the experience matters”. We encourage you to explore these new features and as always, please share your thoughts with us. If you have any questions, you can always reach us at or join one of our monthly webinars by clicking here.

    From everyone at GoVeyance