Innovation priced fairly

All files priced at $100.

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Innovation priced fairly

All files priced at $100.


At $100 per file, the following features are part of our conveyancing solution:

  • Complete all real estate transactions; sales, purchases, and refinance within a fully secure digital platform
  • Integration with myLTSA and the three leading title insurance providers
  • Prepare your Web Filing and LOTR applications without leaving GoVeyance
  • All calculations are automated

  • Access to Soluno* trust accounting
  • Customizable documents
  • Access to our support team
  • Use ThePortal for secure client communication at no additional cost**
  • MAC compatible

*Soluno license required for trust integration – Contact us to learn more

**For real estate transactions only

Our prices are here to stay.

Any change in price would only occur after extensive communication with our community and users.

Trust Us.

GoVeyance + Soluno

Book an onboarding session and we will cover your first-year license costs with Soluno ($982.82)*.

*Payment for the license will be provided once 50 files have been completed in GoVeyance