Innovation & speed

They just GO together.

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Innovation & speed

They just GO together.


As conveyancers, we know that conveyancing solutions can be built better.

We listened to the community and built GoVeyance to help make the process faster and more efficient.

Below are new features that we have to make your conveyancing experience quicker and more efficient. All features are live as of October 23rd:

  • FCT Integration: Order FCT title insurance policies on GoVeyance with speed and ease. To learn more about the new features click here.
  • Client Account Update: We’ve now added the ability to include “Other Charges” in your client account.
  • Accounting Library Update: Create a personalized list in your Accounting Library and easily access it while working on a matter.
  • Strata Form F Declaration: We’ve included the Form F Declaration in all Web Filing tabs for strata property registrations.
  • Copy Address: Copy property civic addresses into your client sections (buyer, borrower, and seller) and retrieve addresses from previously entered clients.
  • Tenancy for Title Registration: We’ve moved tenancy options for title registration from the Web Filing tab to the Buyer and Borrower sections of your purchase and refinance matters.

To learn more about the release click here.

Product Features:

Access to our support team

  • A team of real humans to ensure your call is answered
  • The support team includes conveyancers that understand your business and can help instantly
  • Chat directly to support through GoVeyance (Coming soon)

Integration with LTSA

  • Complete API integration with the LTSA and complete all searches including documents, pre-title search, digitally sign, register and post searches all within GoVeyance
  • Prepare your web filings without leaving Goveyance
  • Form A, Form B, Form C, LOTR, and PTT integration, coming soon

Access to Soluno* trust accounting

  • Single screen to show all trust funds incoming and outgoing
  • Single button to send entries to our trust accounting partner Soluno
  • Seamless data transfer
  • Trust reconciliation made easier by importing bank statements directly for reconciliation

* Soluno license required for trust integration – Contact us to learn more


Customizable documents

  • We have a team focused on document customization at no additional cost
  • We understand that our well-developed templates will still need your personal touch
  • Just email your request

Leverage ThePortal**

  • Web client intake forms
  • Secure document exchange
  • Real-time messaging
  • Clients can access their real estate documents indefinitely

**For real estate transactions only

Complete all purchase, sale, and refinance files

  • Enter sale files within a few mins, manually create a property (ie: MHR)

Trust Us.

GoVeyance + Soluno

Book an onboarding session and we will cover your first-year license costs with Soluno ($982.82)*.

*Payment for the license will be provided once 50 files have been completed in GoVeyance