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About us

The conveyancing vertical has been in dire need of an innovative solution for quite some time. Current options do not provide an efficient user experience, are priced unfairly, and lack customer support.

That’s why we created GoVeyance; a fast, and intuitive solution built for conveyancers by conveyancers.


GoVeyance’s Sales team is comprised of dedicated professionals with years of conveyancing experience. They have an in-depth understanding of the industry and are ready to assist.

Connect with the team today at gosales@readywhen.ca

Wendy Hoskins

Director of Sales

Martina Foggin

Business Development Manager

Shannon Kunka

Business Development Manager

Customer Service

While other conveyancing platforms have scaled back on customer support, we have built a dedicated customer success team. Their focus is to help and improve your experience.

You can reach them at support@readywhen.ca

Jackie Steinwandt

Client Support Representative

Jackie Lombardo

Manager, Client Services


Jessie Vaid

CEO & Founder

Gavin Heer

CTO & Founder

Sachin Bhalla

CMO & Co-Founder

Jaimie Cooke-Dallin

VP, Operations